May 18, 2024

GBTA survey shows committed workforce and rising salaries

An overwhelming 85% of business travel professionals say they love (32%) or like (53%) working in the industry, according to the latest sentiment poll released this week by the Global Business Travel Association.

The results echoed the findings in The Business Travel Magazine‘s travel buyers survey earlier this year.

But the GBTA survey found suppliers (37%) are more likely to say they love working in industry compared to buyers (28%). 

Moreover, the vast majority (82%) plan to stay in the business travel industry in the coming year, with a high intention to remain with their current employer (65%).

Most business travel professionals (86%) report an increase in base salary this year, and 16% report a moderate/large increase of more than five percent.

Most travel buyers (83%) have or expect to receive a bonus in 2024 in addition to their base salary.

Of the buyers that expect to receive a bonus, 31% say their bonus will be higher than it was last year.

Additionally, 15% said they received or expect to receive a large/moderate raise – with 32% expecting higher bonuses compared to last year.  

Most professionals surveyed (80%) feel they have a great (35%) or decent (45%) work-life balance. Fewer (17%) say they want more work-life balance.

Suppliers (22%) are more likely than buyers (10%) to have changed companies within the business travel industry in the past year. 

Overall, only 16% reported they changed companies in the industry in the past year, but in a notable trend, respondents based in APAC (35%) are more likely than those in Europe (17%), Latin America (15%) and North America (13%) to have changed companies within the industry in the past year. 

One in four (27%) survey respondents expect to receive a promotion/job title change in the next year, but the figure is higher in APAC (41%) and Latin America (38%) than for those based in North America (27%) or Europe (18%).

Just under one in five (19%) of supplier/TMC professionals and 10% of buyer professionals say they have joined business travel from another industry in the past year

Under two thirds (57%) would choose the business travel industry again as their career.

“GBTA’s survey paints a picture of an engaged workforce in the business travel industry. Professionals are focused on core duties, and there’s a healthy sense of optimism about career expectations and opportunity in the year ahead,” said Suzanne Neufang, CEO, GBTA, winner of the Outstanding Industry Contribution category in the 2023 Business Travel People Awards.

“We are also benefiting from those new to the industry – with almost 20% of supplier professionals and 10% of buyer professionals coming to business travel from outside industries.”

The GBTA Business Travel Outlook Poll surveys more than 800 business travel buyers, suppliers and other business travel professionals across 41 countries.

While the results of this latest poll were largely positive in relation to their roles, buyers reported continued challenges around the transition to New Distribution Capability (NDC). See separate story.