March 4, 2021

Blue Cube’s Bex Deadman on why the pandemic will, ultimately, bring positives for our industry

Bex Deadman, Managing Director of Blue Cube Travel, tells Bev Fearis, Editor of the Business Travel Magazine, why she believes the pandemic will bring long-term positives to the industry

CWT’s Niklas Andréen reveals why he’s feeling so positive about the future of business travel

Bev Fearis, Editor of The Business Travel Magazine, chats with Niklas Andréen, President Traveller Experience and Customer at CWT

Open for Business: HR’s Elevated Role in Business Travel

Open for Business is a series of conversations about corporate travel and expenses. We are speaking to the big-picture thinkers and the front-line decision-makers, the circles and squares charting the future of travel, technology, and corporate T&E management.

Control Risks // COVID-19: Africa’s battle with disinformation

Barnaby Fletcher, Control Risks’ lead analyst for Southern Africa, and Bukola Bolarinwa, one of our Africa analysts, discuss the perils of disinformation in Africa, how it spreads and what governments are doing to combat it.

Control Risks // COVID-19: How COVID-19 has changed China’s operating environment

Dane Chamorro and Kent Kedl – two of our partners based in Singapore and Shanghai – discuss China, its growth prospects in the wake...

Control Risks // How can the United States safely reopen the economy amid conflicting electoral dynamics?

Federico Saleri and Jonathan Wood discuss the United States’ reopening strategy, the influence of the upcoming Presidential Elections, and what businesses should do to...

Open for Business: What Happens When Travel Stops

What happens when business travel stops? And more importantly, how do we prepare for when it resumes? This episode looks at how travel managers continue...

Control Risks // COVID-19: Opportunities and obstacles for Asian markets

Dane Chamorro and Steve Wilford, two of our partners based in Singapore, discuss the opportunities and obstacles in key Asian markets as businesses reopen...

Open for Business: Building a Culture of Health at Home & On the Road

The corporate travel and expense community has a unique opportunity -- a universal pause on travel -- to reassess our relationship to wellness on...