July 25, 2024

TripActions rebrands to Navan

TripActions has rebranded to Navan and has consolidated its platform solutions into one app. 

The name change comes as the company introduces business software based on a “people-centric product design”. Utilising the cloud, mobile, and AI technology, Business Software Designed for People delivers a personalised experience.

Navan has pulled all of its travel and expense offerings into a single app and integrated OpenAI’s API with its AI-powered virtual travel assistant, Ava, claiming it is the first travel company to use the technology.

“You can book a fairly complex trip on our platform in only five minutes, because of our AI technology inside our search which understands you as an individual. Our chatbot, Ava, services 30% of interactions inside our call centre and it gets the same level of satisfaction that our agents are getting,” says Navan co-founder and CEO Ariel Cohen.

Cohen explains that the AI can lower costs around supporting customers, freeing up agents to deal with more complex issues.  “For example, a flight gets cancelled, the connection is lost and there’s no hotel booked- this is very hard to achieve through AI, so you want a real agent.”

He adds: “Today’s enterprises need solutions that increase operational efficiencies, decrease costs, optimise processes, and ensure compliance. At the same time, employees want to eliminate menial and manual tasks that take unnecessary time and energy away from their actual jobs.” 

Michael Riegel, General Manager Navan Europe, said the technology will take away a lot of the pain points for travel managers.

“Around 50% of what they are dealing with is employees that are annoyed about problems they’re having with booking their trip or filing their expenses. This will take care of that and will allow travel managers to focus on saving money, negotiating a better rate, devising programmes and policies and doing all the other important parts of their role,” he said.

Navan’s web and mobile applications are now available to download. New users will soon be able to sign up with their company email and start using the app to book and manage travel without the need for a company-wide contract.

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