June 13, 2024

Q&A: Michael Riegel, Navan Europe

As the TripActions name disappears and is replaced by Navan, we checked in with Michael Riegel, General Manager Europe

The TripActions brand is still relatively new. Why are you ditching it?

Actually, the TripActions brand is seven or eight years old but like any brand we have changed and adapted along the way and now we are much broader than we were. This new brand is a clear signal to all of our customers that although we will and always will be a travel company, the way we think about our products is that it’s not just about travel. We are not just a booking tool, we are much more than that. Our mission is to design products which help companies get rid of a lot of pain on the administration and employee side.

What will happen to the Reed & Mackay, Comtravo and Resia brands?

The Reed & Mackay brand will continue to exist, although it will be part of the Navan group. During the course of the year, the Comtravo and Resia brands will be integrated into Navan. They were already due to be integrated into the TripActions brand.

Why are you treating Reed & Mackay differently?

Reed & Mackay has been around for many, many years, and offers a high-touch service that relies heavily on trust, both for its own employees and its customers. We don’t want to destroy that. Navan Pro is our own high-touch product and we don’t want to dilute these two brands.

What about your other products, like Liqiud, your T&E tool?

That will also take on the Navan brand, as will our other products. So, it will be as follows:

  • TripActions – Navan
  • Business Travel – Navan Business Travel
  • TripActions Lemonade – Navan Personal Travel
  • TripActions VIP – Navan Pro
  • TripActions Liquid – Navan Expense
  • Liquid Travel – Navan Travel Payments
  • Liquid Card – Navan Corporate Card
  • TripActions Rewards – Navan Rewards