June 15, 2024

TripActions launches VIP experience

TripActions has launched a service for global VIPs combining its technology with support from consultants at Reed & Mackay.

It’s the first customer-facing collaboration since TripActions announced it was acquiring Reed & Mackay in May this year.

VIP clients supported by the Reed & Mackay team will enjoy enhanced service such as corporate jet bookings, incident management, fast-track immigration and black car service.

“The joint offering that TripActions and Reed & Mackay have brought to market solves the once-impossible task of blending premium service with modern cloud technology and support,” said Ariel Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of TripActions.

“While our travellers are already exceptionally served by the core travel and spend offering at TripActions, enterprise customers need access to bespoke, exacting service for executives and C-suite leaders. Now with TripActions, businesses have the best—and only—solution for high-touch VIP.”

Fred Stratford, CEO at Reed & Mackay, said it was “the first of many collaborations to come”.

Select TripActions clients are already using the new VIP experience and there is a waiting list for additional customers.