June 15, 2024

Trees4Travel hits target of 1 million trees

Trees4Travel has hit and exceeded its one million trees goal, planting 1,031,000 trees, backed up by the United Nations Certified Emission Reduction certification through investments into renewable energy projects.

This is the equivalent of 169,187 tons of emissions, or flying 988,146,494 kms in economy, driving 1,005,574,122 kms by car, or staying for 10,915,297 nights in a hotel.

“If every travel company, together with their emission reduction plans, had also made a climate contribution of 1 tree for every traveller, the collective positive impact could already have been enormous,” said Founder Elkie Nicholas.

“In 2023, 975 million trees could have been planted in reforestation projects supporting biodiversity and indigenous communities with an estimated potential draw down of 159,997,500 tons of carbon emissions. Couple that with investments into renewables and innovations and we’re on a path to a more regenerative, ethical and sustainable industry.”

Trees4Travel, Trees4Events and the company’s latest initiative, ZEERO, provide the travel industry with the tools to measure, educate and reduce emissions. 

Newly-launched ZEERO is part of Trees4Travel’s wider climate strategy. The industry joint venture sustainability fund is an initiative that will allow ownership and voting by its industry partners and focus on projects that look at solving the root cause of the climate crisis.