July 17, 2024

Trees4Travel unveils investment venture to ‘turn sustainability on its head’

Trees4Travel has launched a new venture, ZEERO, where corporates and travel companies are invited to invest in impactful climate projects to ramp up climate action.

ZEERO will support projects such as algae biotechnology to develop sustainable fuels for airlines, cruise ships and other types of transport.

Trees4Travel says the project, based on the sharing economy model, is “turning sustainability on its head” by switching it from being a cost centre to being a potential profit centre.

Founders Nico and Elkie Nicholas believe the “game changing” concept could be the “catalyst that finally scales up action in an industry where emissions are hard to abate and currently still increasing”.

They say the low-risk investment vehicle, which will fund the research and development of sustainability innovations and solutions, will help the industry speed up efforts and could turn around its current trajectory.

Under the new approach, corporates, TMCs and industry associations can choose from three options:

  • Investing in the planting of trees and in UN CERs (carbon credits or emissions units issued by the Clean Development Mechanism)
  • Planting trees and buying shares in ZEERO
  • Planting trees, buying UN CERs and investing in ZEERO.

“Reforestation is a non-negotiable with every Trees4Travel hybrid package, because contributing and supporting up to 15 of the 17 UN SDG’s is vital if we are to reach our targets by 2030 and 2050,” said Nico Nicholas.

See our Q&A with Nico for more on the new venture