July 24, 2024

TMC selects SQUAKE as sustainability partner

ATG Travel Worldwide has partnered with Berlin-based sustainable travel technology company, SQUAKE, to give its clients carbon emission calculations and offset options.

With the implementation planned for the first quarter of this year, ATG, based in Utrecht in the Netherlands, is the first TMC to offer SQUAKE in this capacity.

By connecting ATG systems to SQUAKE’s API-based solution, ATG will provide emissions calculations for flight, hotel, bus, rail and car rental usage, calculated according to internationally-recognised standards.

The solution enables to raise awareness on emissions at check-out and also provides the end-user with certificates on related compensation purchases.

Via SQUAKE, travellers can decide which climate project they want to support, including nature or technology-based and SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) initiatives.

“For companies who are serious about their environmental sustainability initiatives, we desired a sustainability partner that would not only power accurate carbon calculations but also provide curated compensation solutions,” said Daniel Zetik, ATG Vice President of Customer Solutions.

“This new relationship provides ATG’s clients with a truly end-to-end solution, designed to achieve corporate goals by bringing emissions visibility into the booking & decision-making process, at the traveller/booking level.

“The ATG processes and technologies, combined with SQUAKE, provide a comprehensive solution, from building sustainable travel policies to delivering tangible compensation options and relevant reporting. We are thrilled to implement this full scale solution for our clients.”

Philipp von Lamezan, CEO of SQUAKE, added: “The partnership is further evidence that the sustainable revolution of the travel industry is in motion.

“In a world where 20% of global travel expenditure falls into the business travel category, it is critical to make it easier for corporations to enforce their sustainable policies. This is what our partnership with ATG is about, raising awareness through market leading emission calculation and enabling climate positive impacts through carbon reduction, and all in just a few clicks.”

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