May 20, 2024


OVERVIEW: SQUAKE’s end-to-end solution was born and designed specifically for the industry. It’s a single API plug-in to power precise carbon calculations for all types of activities – flights, car, and hotel – according to national and international standards, powering accurate carbon calculations and providing tangible compensation of all travel and transport related emissions.

SQUAKE’s solution is fully customisable to blend with the end-user experience once integrated at any point of the booking flow. Partners can decide what calculation framework best matches their regulatory context or what framework is most relevant to their product or programme. They also create their own compensation portfolio to be selected from SQUAKE’s curated partner network, which includes certified climate protection organisations as well as providers of innovative climate technologies and sustainable fuel providers.

SQUAKE describes itself as the industry solution for sustainable travel and transport, “Fast. Scalable. Secured”.

KEY FACTS: Founders: Dan Kreibich and Philipp von Lamezan
Launch date: Berlin – Germany, 2021
Experience: Tech, Travel & Sustainability Entrepreneurs
Geographic reach: Global

CREDENTIALS: The solution is made bespoke to the needs of each partner or use case. The carbon calculations can be manipulated to various standards and frameworks, such as DEFRA, ADEME, ICAO, GLEC, RDC. The curated portfolio of climate projects, from avoidance to removal, is mostly Gold Standard or Verra certified. SQUAKE also provides partners with access to Sustainable Aviation Fuel or Direct Air Capture. Furthermore, SQUAKE has been audited and certified by TÜV Nord, Germany’s main certifying body and serves industry leaders such as ATG Global Travel, Atriis and many more.

PROPRIETARY PROPOSITION: SQUAKE offers calculations according to customisable regulatory standards, affording partners the ability to tailor their reporting needs to market variables.

TARGET MARKET: Targeting both enterprise solutions and the SME suite, they are serving the travel industry globally.

COMMERCIAL MODEL: The solution is made available on a subscription-based model with a ‘freemium’ entry level for small business, scaling up depending on volume and negotiated on a per-transaction basis.

BLACK BOX VERDICT: SQUAKE is an exciting new entry to the business travel sustainability landscape in the UK, offering a unique proposition in that carbon calculations are customisable, which is often a challenge for global products and programmes. SQUAKE already has an impressive portfolio of clients with excellent case studies and is set to announce the launch of more strategic partnerships imminently. Watch this space!

Reviewed by Paula Cullen, Black Box Partnerships