May 18, 2024

Reed & Mackay partners with Berlin-based sustainable specialist

Reed & Mackay is partnering with Berlin-based SQUAKE to help its clients make better-informed decisions about sustainable business travel.

The TMC will integrate SQUAKE’s granular carbon emissions data and analysis into its proprietary ecosystem, including its consultant booking platform, online and mobile booking tool, policy and approval engine, and reporting suite.

It means travel bookers and travellers will be able to compare flights based on enhanced CO2 performance data, including aircraft type, load factors and routing, select hotels by sustainability performance ratings, and select green ground transportation based on fuel, engine and car type.

Travel managers will also be able to us Reed & Mackay’s policy engine to hone specific CO2 parameters and set restrictions.

“We know that sustainability is a critical component of the travel journey for our clients and Reed & Mackay has long made it a top priority to provide our travellers with the tools and visibility to support their sustainable travel,” says Reed & Mackay CEO Fred Stratford.

“The introduction of SQUAKE’s granular CO2 data into our booking platforms will allow our clients to further tailor their travel requirements to meet their sustainability goals and drive down their CO2 footprint.”

SQUAKE powers accurate carbon calculations and provides options for companies to compensate transport-related emissions, including the purchase of carbon credits issued by verified climate projects or sustainable aviation fuel.

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