June 15, 2024

JetBlue UK Team, Account Management team of the Year

Maja Gedosev, General Manager Europe at JetBlue Airways, is humbled by the award win for her 'small but mighty team'

What does it mean to your team to win a 2023 Business Travel People Award? 

As you can imagine, for JetBlue it was an exceptionally important award as it was our very first one recognising all the incredible work our team has done to date. 

In the market where we are a new entrant, little known brand (we are changing this), having strong competition and a small but mighty team, this recognition means the world to us.

How did you feel when your name was called?

When our name was called, we felt extreme pride and joy, but we were also humbled by the vote of trust.

What was the reaction of your family, friends and colleagues when you won the award?

Everyone in the room shared in our success or contributed to it in some way, so we did get many congratulations from everyone. Our top leadership, including our CEO, sent us a note to congratulate us and our success was shared via internal communication with the entire company of 24,000 crew members.

How will winning the award impact your role and profile within your business and the wider industry?

This award gives us some additional motivation (although we are very very motivated) to continue to push on and do the best we can every day.

What advice would you give to anyone considering entering the awards in 2024?

We can only recommend to all to work hard and aim for the awards. They are a great testament that we are doing things right and are on the right track.

Where will you be keeping your award?

We will be keeping this award in our hearts. It is the first one and therefore the most important one for us.