May 18, 2024

Jack Ramsey, CEO TripStax, People Manager of the Year

Jack Ramsey, CEO TripStax, was 'humbled and honoured' to win a Business Travel People Award, which he now keeps in his shed

What does it mean to you to win a 2023 Business Travel People Award?

It means the hard work that the entire team has put into the past year has paid off. Being able to lead such amazing group of people means I’m fortunate enough to be recognised on all of our behalf.

How did you feel when your name was called?

It took a while to sink in because I was deafened by the noise from the people on our table who got quite excited and loud! But I felt humbled and honoured that the judges had chosen me for this award.

What was the reaction of your family, friends and colleagues when you won the award?

Dumbfounded (I can’t find an emoji on my keyboard for that!)

How do you think winning the award will impact your profile in the wider industry?

It definitely makes people prick up their ears in the industry, if they haven’t already, and want to know more about TripStax.

What advice would you give to anyone considering entering the awards?

Don’t hide, be brave, be vulnerable and if you work hard and have impact you deserve to be recognised for that all through your life.

Where will you be keeping your award?

In the ‘Shed’. Those who know me will understand that’s a good place to keep it.