June 13, 2024

Vueling completes IATA IEnvA Stage 2 environmental certificate

Vueling has completed the second stage of the IATA IEnvA environmental certification, confirming the airline’s commitment to sustainability.

IATA’s voluntary environmental assessment programme (IEnvA) is a system used to independently assess and improve the environmental performance of airlines. The certification confirms that Vueling has implemented a Sustainability Management System fully certified by this body and aligned with the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Vueling started the program in 2020, the year in which it completed phase 1, and thus became the first low-cost airline in the world to complete the initial stage.

“At Vueling, we are committed to sustainability. This milestone is in addition to all the initiatives that we have been carrying out this year to reduce the airline’s environmental footprint and paves the way towards a more sustainable aviation sector,” says Franc Sanmartí, Vueling’s Director of Sustainability.

Sebastian Mikosz, IATA Senior Vice President, Environment and Sustainability, said: “Vueling was the first low-cost airline in the world to complete the IATA IEnvA level 1 certification in 2020, and they have now completed the level 2 certification. This underscores their commitment to improving the company’s environmental management practices, and sustainability in general. We are very pleased that Vueling has partnered with IATA and trust us to work with them to further progress. Environmental sustainability is an existential challenge for the entire airline industry. IATA is proud to work with its member airline to introduce world-class environmental management practices to the aviation industry.”

Vueling, as part of IAG, shares the vision of leading sustainability within the global aviation sector. That is why the company develops all its actions within the framework of the Flightpath Net Zero program, through which it has established the goal of reaching net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

In addition to completing the second stage of this certification, in 2022 Vueling has promoted several initiatives that are part of its sustainability program. These include the digitisation of all flight documentation, the implementation of segregation processes with the aim of recycling 100% of the waste on board, and the use of sustainable fuel on a daily basis, thanks to the voluntary contribution that passengers can make with their reservation and that Vueling matches.