May 26, 2024

Virgin Atlantic adopts AI-powered software

Virgin Atlantic has appointed Amperity for its critical data foundation.

Amperity will help unify, manage, and activate all of the airline’s digital and transactional customer data, to deliver personalised customer experiences and drive revenue growth.

As part of its ongoing data transformation, Virgin Atlantic will use the CDP to create a personalised ecosystem and improve the digital experience.

Amperity’s platform uses patented machine learning algorithms to deliver identity resolution, audience segmentation and predictive analytics which allows Virgin Atlantic to create the most relevant content and communications for each customer.

Tom Barber, Head of Data at Virgin Atlantic, said: “We’re excited to adopt Amperity to help us get to know our customers better than ever, supporting personalised and meaningful content and experiences at every touchpoint, with the advantage of consistent and secure first-party data and customer segmentation.”