November 30, 2023

Uber for Business adds sustainability insights to its dashboard

Uber for Business is introducing sustainability insights to its dashboard, enabling companies to track carbon emissions data, view and report on how frequently employees use low-emission journeys, and act on their ground transportation carbon emissions.

Users can access metrics such as total carbon emissions and the percentage of corporate travel trips taken on eco-friendly alternatives, including Uber Green, Uber Comfort Electric and Uber Planet.

The dashboard also shows the average gCO2 emissions per mile, allowing companies to analyse carbon emission performance based on distance travelled, and a graph of  total emissions by average gCO2 per mile so companies can evaluate how they’re progressing toward their near- and long-term targets. 

A select group of businesses across a range of sectors have piloted the new sustainability insights in the last few months.

Software leader Salesforce was a pilot customer and says it has leveraged sustainability insights to gain greater visibility into the impact of its business travel programme. 

In 2020, Uber announced a global commitment to become a zero-emission mobility platform and by 2025 its aim for hundreds of thousands of drivers to transition to electric vehicles through its Green Future program. 

It has set a goal to operate as a zero-emission mobility platform in Canada, Europe and the US by 2030.