February 24, 2024

Two thirds of UK business travellers want to switch to lower carbon transport

The vast majority of UK business travellers (95%) took a trip in a car in 2022 that could have been taken in an alternative mode of transport , according to research out today from Trainline Partner Solutions.

In the survey of 1,004 UK employees who travel for business (not commuting), 66% agreed they would have preferred to travel more by rail than they were able to.

The research, carried out earlier in January by Censuswide, found 72% of UK business travellers would like to take a higher proportion of trips in 2023 by lower carbon modes of transport such as rail.

Respondents also demonstrated a concern about their carbon footprint from business travel in 2022, reported by 67% of those surveyed.

With business travel levels continuing to recover post pandemic, 53% stated their volume of business trips in 2022 was either similar to or higher than the number they took annually pre-pandemic.

Looking ahead to 2023, sustainability will ultimately be an important consideration for 78% of business travellers surveyed.

Champa Magesh, President at Trainline Partner Solutions, said: “We’re seeing a societal shift in the increasing importance people place on sustainability, which is naturally crossing over into their working lives.

“As this survey shows, this means business travellers are increasingly thinking about their carbon footprint, and likewise businesses are examining how travel contributes to their carbon disclosures.

“The good news is rail provides a natural answer to these challenges, offering a sustainable option to travellers and businesses alike.”