April 16, 2024

TripStax announces strategic partnership with Grapevine

TripStax is continuing to scale up its technology proposition for TMCs with a strategic partnership with Grapevine. 

Grapevine offers AI technology that empowers TMCs to increase attachment rates and maximise revenue per trip through intelligent, post-booking re-marketing.

Its white-labelled AI engine ‘Marvin’ integrates with TMC data sources, identifies booking opportunities such as hotels and ancillary services and retargets travellers with ‘right time, right channel’ personalised in-policy recommendations.

The plug-and-play ‘digital concierge’ solution gives TMCs a dynamic way of engaging with travellers and bookers to provide total trip support and enhanced customer experience, whilst also driving greater market performance for their own business.

The agreement sees Grapevine become integrated via API with the TripStax ‘Core’, the central data-processing powerhouse that consumes and manages a TMC’s corporate client profile, booking and finance data across each fully-integrated module in the TripStax eco-system.

The integration means that any mutual TMC clients can seamlessly and quickly implement Grapevine for their corporate customers.

Jack Ramsey, CEO, TripStax commented: “We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our tech offering and proposition to TMCs and their own corporate customers. We are excited to partner with Grapevine as we share a similar vision as disruptors in the industry, helping TMCs to evolve their business and corporate client offering, become more competitive and open doors to new revenue streams. The integration of Grapevine into the TripStax marketplace, means it will be incredibly easy for our mutual TMC clients to switch on this innovative AI tech solution.”

Jack Dow, CEO, Grapevine added: “We are delighted to be working with the team at TripStax and to plug Grapevine into their innovative tech ecosystem for TMCs. This means that we can get mutual TMC customers up and running with Grapevine very quickly and cost-effectively. This is a major advantage for TMCs given that so many third-party tech vendor integrations are traditionally lengthy and costly. The other big advantage is that TMCs can have seamless access to accurate, real-time booking and profile data via TripStax. We are already in late-stage negotiations to provide Grapevine to several TMCs who are also clients of TripStax, and expect to announce these agreements soon.”

tripstax.com; grapevine.travel