February 29, 2024

TRIPBAM shares sourcing tool with non-clients

By Bev Fearis, published 9/09/20

TRIPBAM has made its Smart Sourcing product available to any corporation or consultant, regardless of whether they’re an existing client or working with a TMC that resells TRIPBAM’s rate auditing service.

The tool allows travel managers and procurement professionals to secure hotel agreements in a few clicks, leveraging data collected from daily rate auditing.

TRIPBAM said it decided to introduce it as a standalone product after demand in recent months from consultants and buyers not already using its daily rate auditing.

The product has a number of new features, including the option for corporates to send out multiple RFPs at once to thousands of hotels. It also has a new discount factor to account for difficulties in applying historical data to a post-Covid marketplace.

“We’ve adjusted our offering based on the realities of Covid-19,” said Peter Grover, TRIPBAM Managing Director EMEA.

“This new environment certainly demands solutions that help travel managers adapt, stay flexible, and explore alternatives to legacy sourcing processes in this new environment. With Smart Sourcing now available to corporates who don’t currently use rate auditing and the addition of a batch RFP feature and new discount recommendations, we’re doing just that.”

To implement Smart Sourcing, corporations or consultants need to provide current hotel programme information and 12 months of booking data in any format.

According to TRIPBAM, its technology, advanced analytics, and benchmarking can help companies save up to 20% on their hotel spend.