March 1, 2024

TripActions adds carbon impact reporting

TripActions has introduced carbon impact monitoring for clients using its business travel booking platform.

Its customers can now opt in to view TripActions’ mileage data and reporting to help them better understand their company’s carbon footprint from business travel.

Clients can access a new Carbon View element of the redesigned TripActions Admin Dashboard, which also enables users to purchase offsets through the environmental organisation of their choice.

Individual travellers will also be able to view their personal carbon footprint data and companies can additionally receive monthly reports. Data is based on established industry standards from ICAO.

The facility, which currently reports on the impact of air and rail travel, has been in development for several months, with the organisation witnessing particular interest from European clients.

“We see the interest as universal, but in Europe many companies have environmental policies,” says Anique Drumright, VP of Product at TripActions.

Recent research by the company showed 80% of respondents are very or somewhat concerned about the impact of business travel on the environment, with 61% believing their organisation should offset their travel.

“We hear consistently from the travel community via our Customer Advisory Board, focus groups and in-product feedback that environmental sustainability of business travel is a critical topic to address, and that they want to do more than just engage in the global conversation by taking action to understand and mitigate their impact,” Drumright explains.

“We knew this was an area we wanted to address in our product for our customers, enabling them to drive sustainability on behalf of the environment.”

TripActions now has around 100 customers in Europe, with the majority in the UK and Ireland, which it views as a “key market” for growth. It is currently recruiting for an EMEA General Manager.