June 13, 2024

TravelPerk rolls-out offsetting solution

Booking platform TravelPerk has introduced GreenPerk, a solution that enables customers to offset all their travel-related CO2 emissions.

The company has partnered with Atmosfair, a non-profit organisation that operates UN-endorsed carbon mitigation projects.

TravelPerk customers that opt-in to GreenPerk will pay €27 for every tonne of CO2 emitted by their flights, hotel stays, train journeys and car rental.

This typically works out as 4% of the cost of a business trip, says the company.

Those that sign-up to GreenPerk will be supporting projects such as the construction of household biogas plants in rural Nepal to replace firewood for cooking; the Solar Home System project in Ethiopia; and the construction of biomass plants in India.

The scheme will also help customers make informed decisions about the environmental impact of their business travel by delivering data reports and actionable insights.

“The environmental impact of business travel is a critically important issue and something that everyone in our industry has a duty to engage with seriously,” says Avi Meir, CEO and co-founder of TravelPerk.

“Businesses will always need their employees to travel in order to meet customers, prospects and colleagues in-person but, increasingly, they also want to be able to manage their business travel in a responsible, sustainable way.”

Meir continues: “Giving customers insights and data is helpful but we wanted to go a step further and offer a credible and simple option that would allow businesses to actually take action themselves.

“We are very proud of this offering, which marks another crucial step in our long-term ambition to build a world-class platform that sets new standards for business travel, across all areas of the industry.”