July 15, 2024

Travelogix unveils new data analysis tool

IT developer Travelogix has unveiled a new data tool aimed at making it easier for TMCs to analyse airline data for market intelligence and business development.

The new Farecast program was developed within six months and has already been successfully trialled by 58 Advantage Travel Partnership members. It will be available to SMEs from August this year.

The company, which specialises in developing data management and reporting platforms, demonstrated the product at the recent Advantage Focus Partners meeting.

According to Travelogix’ CEO Chris Lewis, working with Focus enabled quicker delivery and access to data so the company could target the platform to deliver what TMCs want and need.

Lewis said: “It gives you the organisation and data required to give you the edge over your competitors.”

Mark Colley from Sunway Travel, which has been trialling the program, said it has already been really useful to the business.

Farecast is designed to collect every single airline’s data and monitor commercial deals from four different GDS systems used by Advantage’s TMC members.

A simple interface allows users to select different ways to analyse the data – by airline or number of passenger tickets issued, for instance.

It can be used to analyse suppliers and destinations and target largest areas of business, as well as identifying room for improvement.

TMCs download the widget and install it onto their desktop in four steps, where it acts to securely draw the relevant data into the Farecast engine. Only the data required for processing is run through the engine.

Described as a one-stop data shop for SMEs, companies signing up to use the new data platform will be offered 12 months exclusivity.