July 25, 2024

Travelogix signs deal with ‘vibrant and innovative’ TMC

Travelogix has signed a multi-year deal with TakeTwo Travel Solutions.

The agreement will see TakeTwo utilise Analytix, Travelogix’s reporting platform, along with all elements within the suite: DataShare, DataPublisher and DataValet.

Rob Cope, Head of Client Services and Product Optimisation at TakeTwo, said: “Because we are a new TMC, we have been able to build a single global technology eco-system of products and this approach allows us to optimise data consolidation.

“The integration capabilities of within this eco-system enables us to take a much more modular approach leveraging information touchpoints in a granular sense and integrating suppliers to enrich our data.

“We are focussed on optimising the transfer of data between profile, booking and invoice; Analytix, Travelogix’s innovative self-serve reporting platform, allows us to manage this data life cycle more effectively and drive data to a customer in real-time.

“In an ever-changing world, the most up to date information is integral to effective risk analysis, sustainability and passenger wellbeing, therefore real-time accessibility is essential as our customers resume travelling on business”.

Tahir Zia, Director of Sales at Travelogix, commented: “In cementing our relationship with TakeTwo, we have a new vibrant and innovative TMC in our stable – and we couldn’t be more delighted.

“TakeTwo is a global organisation and although new to the TMC landscape, they have made waves in the business travel space since their inception back in September 2021.

“Our strategy in 2022 is centred around growth in multiple global markets, so this timely partnership falls directly in line with our strategy for the year ahead.

“We are very much looking forward to a successful future together and look forward to working with the experienced Julie Cope, Chris Thelen and the wider TakeTwo team”.