October 2, 2023

Travelogix enters new European market

Travelogix has secured a three-year deal with Luxembourg-based TMC, Travel Pro, which is part of the SLG and American Express Global Networks.

Leveraging the technical integration with the Amadeus AGM mid/back-office platform, the move takes Travelogix into another new market with a globally-recognised TMC.

Sally-Anne Houlker, Director of Product Operations at Travelogix, said: “Stepping into Luxembourg, a new market for Travelogix, falls in line with our global growth strategy and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

“The seamless integration that we have built with Amadeus AGM mid/back office has not only resulted in us securing some exciting new partnerships across multiple markets in recent weeks, but means we will be able to onboard these new customers quickly and efficiently and provide them with truly touch-free data handling and reporting capabilities.

“We were fortunate enough to be joined by Markus Meyers, Head of Operations and Account Management at Travel Pro, in our Manchester office recently for our onboarding workshop. It was a huge privilege to be joined by Markus and we are very much looking forward to a successful road ahead.”

Markus Meyers, Head of Operations and Account Management at Travel Pro, said: “This new partnership with Travelogix ensures the powerful enhancement of our reporting capabilities that are fully aligned with actual client requirements.

“Analytix provides a wide range of pre-defined travel-related reporting templates but also the ability to have flexible customised reporting options – with the latter becoming more and more important.”

In conjunction with Analytix, Travelogix’ data management and reporting solution, the agreement will see Travel Pro utilise the full complement of modules within the platform; DataShare, DataValet and DataPublisher.