July 13, 2024

Travel safety not prioritised, say a third of business travellers 

A third of business travellers say their company does not make their safety a priority when they travel for work.

This is according to new research from CMAC Group, which aimed to gain insights into the measures and practices employed by businesses to ensure the well-being and security of their employees during travel.

The study also showed that one in five respondents said they were unaware of their workplace’s Duty of Care Policy when travelling for work.

The data indicates that 50% of business travellers independently source their own taxis, and 46% of business travellers use local private hire companies or taxi ranks, often without the review or guidance of their organisation. 

Solo travel in taxis is a prevalent practice among business travellers, with 76% travelling alone more than 75% of the time. Additionally, the lack of communication regarding the chosen taxi provider is concerning, with a third of business travellers failing to inform anyone of their transportation details.

The use of taxis by business travellers outside traditional working hours is also a common occurrence, with 47% of travellers using taxis for work purposes outside of 9am to 5pm. Reduced availability can result in travellers resorting to less reputable or unverified transport options. 

According to the data, 27% of businesses place restrictions on the cost of taxi services, with 18% of businesses imposing restrictions on the number of journeys for their employees, and 17% of businesses placing restrictions on mileage for taxi travel.

While cost-effective options may exist, compromising on safety measures can expose employees to unnecessary risks. Emphasising the importance of safety in taxi selection should be a key consideration for businesses to fulfil their duty of care.