May 20, 2024

Travel managers prioritising cost controls

Cost control is currently businesses' number one priority, usurping traveller security at the top of the list, according to new research.

The latest edition of the European Business Travel Barometer from American Express Global Business Travel showed data security was the second biggest priority, while traveller security fell to third.

In fourth was traveller satisfaction, with 71% of businesses now measuring satisfaction levels compared to 56% in the previous year.

Meanwhile, the report also forecasts an increase in business travel spend of 4.3% among European companies.

In 2018, spend rose 3.8% year on year, 0.4% more than was forecasted.

“After a year of geopolitical and economic uncertainty, businesses are still focused on investing in travel to foster relationships and facilitate growth,” says GBT’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director, International, Elyes Mrad.

“The challenge businesses face is balancing cost efficiency and effectiveness, enabling travel to support their objectives, but at the same time, meeting the needs and expectations of employees.”

He adds: “We expect to see a growing demand for flexible, smarter travel policies, tools and services that respond quickly to traveller feedback.”

The report is available to download here.