April 17, 2024

Travel managers lacking faith in NDC

The number of business travel managers who believe NDC is 'a good thing' is falling, according to new research.

While 2019 has been flagged by many as a watershed moment for NDC and airline distribution, only 26% of European buyers now regard it as a positive development, compared to 35% last year.

Meanwhile, the research from Business Travel Show revealed 59% of European buyers are unsure about its potential impact, up from 39% twelve months ago.

When asked what impact they have seen since the introduction of NDC, 16% of respondents said more transparency with pricing (down from 18%), 27% said prices have increased (up from 18%), and 7% said they had switched carriers (up from 6%).

“NDC will finally offer personalisation and pricing transparency,” says Sarosh Waghmar, CEO of WTMC, who will take part in a panel session about NDC at Business Travel Show.

“This will be one of the biggest outcomes for business travellers and travel managers that will lead to a better experience and savings,” he adds.