May 18, 2024

Travel Counsellors rolls out data and insights tool

Travel Counsellors for Business has introduced the company’s first data and insights tool to cater to the needs of its SME clients in partnership with Travelogix.

Named myTC Insights, the platform has been rolled out to clients who want “the dedicated support of their own, personal corporate travel adviser combined with the autonomy to independently access and analyse crucial data and insights”.

myTC Insights includes evergreen reports, customisable reporting options, data downloads and Thrust Carbon integration.

It is part of a strategic partnership with Travelogix and leverages Travelogix’s flagship reporting solution and additional modules like DataValet, DataShare, and DataPublisher.

Kieran Hartwell, Managing Director of Travel Counsellors for Business, said: “The introduction of myTC Insights is a significant step forward, empowering our corporate Travel Counsellors and clients with seamless access to the latest data reports. This will enable our business owners to scale their businesses even further in a way that suits them by giving them more time to do what they do best – driving sales growth and building client relationships.”

Chris Lewis, Founder and CEO at Travelogix, said: “The potential for scalability in this partnership is tremendous, beginning with the launch of myTC Insights. We look forward to further innovative collaboration and progress in the future as we start on this journey together.”

The launch comes after the recent introduction of the company’s online booking tool.