May 26, 2024

Travel and Transport unveils new identity

Travel and Transport Statesman has rebranded as Travel and Transport, uniting as a global travel management company following the merger of UK-based TMC Statesman Travel Group and US-based TMC Travel and Transport in 2017.

The company’s new logo and branding is in response to in-depth customer research, surveys and interviews to understand the mix of cultures, values, and best practices that embody the company since making various acquisitions and technology investments in recent years.

Travel and Transport’s Chair and CEO Kevin O’Malley says: “We discovered that embracing our foundation of being authentic, consultative, caring, and empowered is truly unique and in high demand in the global business travel market, which is currently a ‘sea of sameness’.

“This foundation allows us to deliver on our promise of empowering our employees, championing our customers and leading the industry.”

As part of the brand update, the Travel and Transport Ultramar, Travel and Transport Statesman, and Travel and Transport France variations of the brand name will no longer be used.

The company says it plans to develop new products and services that address the needs of the modern global buyer and traveller, including in the areas of consolidated travel and expense analytics, traveller wellbeing and personalisation.

“We specialise in expertise and empathy, both high-value traits in today’s travel programs, especially as traveller satisfaction is an increasingly high focus. Our skilled employee-owners are our most important asset and provide excellence in travel support,” adds O’Malley.

Travel and Transport’s worldwide network of TMCs, Radius Travel, has also been given a brand refresh.

“Our talented Radius Travel employee team brings a new level of understanding of today’s global buyers and travellers,” says Radius Travel’s Chair of the Board, Tim Fleming.

“Combined with Travel and Transport’s knowledge of the US buyer habits, we are coming together as a true alternative that has not been seen in the industry for a very long time.”