June 15, 2024

Travel and Transport launches first wellbeing service

Travel and Transport has launched a new service offering practical, trip-specific wellbeing recommendations directly to travellers.

The company will integrate wellbeing advice and tips into pre-trip communication with travellers, such as the trip summary travellers receive by email 24 hours before a journey, and within the Dash Mobile, Travel and Transport’s app.

Tailored wellbeing advice also includes information on nearby parks and fitness facilities and tips to combat jet lag and managing time differences.

Travel and Transport said initial feedback from pilot customers, including Eastman Chemical Company, has been overwhelmingly positive since trials began at the start of the year.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the traveller experience, and that includes wellbeing,” says Travel and Transport’s CEO Kevin O’Malley.

“The pre-trip advice is part of a larger wellbeing initiative at Travel and Transport to provide travel managers with tools to improve traveller wellbeing and engagement. Additional tools for travel managers will be unveiled later this year.”

Travel and Transport’s Head of Global Product and Digital Marketing, Josh Gunn, adds: “Travel isn’t just about getting someone from A to B. For us, it’s about taking care of travellers. Are we giving them solutions that make their lives easier while travelling? Are we helping them to focus on what matters? Are we helping them be their best selves? That’s why the traveller experience is so important.”