May 26, 2024

Transatlantic flights set to hit 99% of pre-pandemic levels

Departures from the UK to the US are projected to hit 99% of May 2019 levels this month, according to the latest data from Cirium.

In May 2023, 4,414 flights are scheduled to depart the UK for the US, equating to over 1.1 million seats. In May 2019 the number of scheduled flights was 4,456.

As the US finally drops its Covid entry restrictions, allowing unvaccinated travellers to enter the country for the first time since 2020, Cirium data shows transatlantic flights are now 22% up on May 2022 and nearly 500% compared to May 2021.

Heathrow has the highest share of scheduled flights from the UK to the US this month (86%), followed by Gatwick (6%), Edinburgh (3%) and Manchester (3%)

From the UK, New York JFK remains the most popular US destination by scheduled flights, followed by Los Angeles, Newark, Chicago and Boston

British Airways will operate the highest share of flights between the UK and US in May (31%), followed by American Airlines (18%), United Airlines (18%), Virgin Atlantic (16%) and Delta Air Lines (10%).