April 18, 2024

TMCs up the ante with sustainability offerings

Travel management companies are responding to the clamour for more action on sustainability with the launch of a range of new services.

Corporate Travel Management has introduced CTM Climate+ to help its clients better understand – and reduce – the impact of business travel on the environment.

Developed alongside South Pole, the initiative is designed to help clients “facilitate their carbon neutrality goals” and includes a choice of offsetting and sustainability projects to support.

The tool enables clients to see their monthly business travel-related CO2 emissions, emissions by transport type and service provider, and average emissions per trip and traveller.

“We understand and embrace our sustainability responsibilities as an employer and as a business partner and are committed to developing initiatives that provide practical benefits to businesses, the environment and local communities,” said Debbie Carling, CEO Europe.

Meanwhile, Isleworth Travel Management is now offsetting the emissions of its clients’ European flights free of charge if they sign up to its new scheme.

Working with the World Land Trust Foundation, offsetting long-haul flights will cost from £14 under the new project.

The TMC acknowledges that “offsetting is not the answer to reducing our carbon footprint” and is just one facet of a wider charter.

“Our carbon offset scheme will complement existing corporate policies whilst our ‘Transparency Charter’ will provide businesses with the data required to satisfy the concerns of their employees and the needs of their stakeholders,” says Brett Gerrett, General Manager of Isleworth Travel Management.

Egencia has launched a new consultancy service that includes a four-pronged scheme covering ‘People, Planet, Profit and Performance’ to help clients build more sustainable travel programmes.

It adds to the range of tools travel managers have to help them build more sustainable travel programmes, including Egencia Analytics Studio’s Carbon Emissions Workspace, which features dashboards for hotel and air, with rail to be released this spring.

Reed & Mackay has witnessed a rise in the number of clients engaging with carbon reporting and is working with ClimateCare to provide an offsetting service.