June 13, 2024

TMC launches leisure travel division

London-based TMC, Business First Partnership, has launched a leisure division to arrange luxury holidays for its corporate travellers.

Partnering with global tour operator Turquoise Holidays, it has created a new brand, Escapes by BFP, to offer bespoke, high-end holiday experiences for its corporate clients.

“Escapes by BFP will enable our clients to design and book their dream holidays,” said Nigel Taylor, CEO of Business First Partnership. “From booking to boarding and check-in to check-out, we will manage every single element of a trip.

“The travel team at Turquoise Holidays has unparalleled first-hand insight into a complete range of destinations around the globe so it was an obvious choice to partner with them to launch the newest division of Business First Partnership.

“The creation of this new division illustrates our ambition to offer a complete travel management service to our clients and forms part of a series of launches and internal developments that underpin the strategic growth of Business First Partnership.”

Founded in 1997 by Nigel Taylor and Belinda Swan, Business First Partnership specialises in long-haul travel in first class, business class or premium economy.