March 26, 2023

TMC ceases trading after 40 years

By Bev Fearis, published 18/11/20

Maritime specialist Horncastle Executive Travel has ceased trading after more than 40 years in business.

The TMC, run by Christina and Peter Drummond, was based in Newcastle upon Tyne but also had branches in Edinburgh and Norwich.

It was one of the longest-serving members of the Focus Travel Partnership.

Focus CEO Abby Penston said: “It was incredibly saddening to hear the unfortunate news that Horncastle has ceased trading. On behalf of the entire Partnership I wish Peter and his team all the best for the future.”

Clive Wratten, CEO of the Business Travel Association, added: “I’m saddened to see the failure of Horncastle Executive Travel after 40 years as a successful TMC. This is a reflection of the very challenging environment we face today, and I urge the Government to take action to get travel moving again.”

Horncastle specialised in the maritime and offshore industry, serving a wide selection of clients in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

It is the third high-profile TMC to cease trading in the pandemic.

Business Travel by STA folded in August when its parent STA Travel failed and Thornton’s Travel stopped trading in early October.

The BTA has predicted that half of all jobs in the sector are at serious risk due to the impact of the pandemic.