July 13, 2024

TapTrip teams up with Trainline Partner Solutions

TapTrip has teamed up with Trainline Partner Solutions (TPS), Trainline’s B2B arm, to further streamline its service.

Within TapTrip’s existing platform, users can already save train tickets directly to their itinerary so the mobile ticket is accessible alongside other travel documents.

Thanks to this new partnership with TPS, TapTrip users will now have access to greater rail coverage, plus other added perks and flexibility to make booking and managing travel and expenses easier.

With the addition of Trainline technology users will be able to process rail ticket refunds within the TapTrip platform itself, speeding up the process with everything in one place.

The deal comes as rail is expected to become even more prominent in the domestic business travel sector, particularly with a growing focus on sustainability and new working models.

Thomas Young, CEO and co-founder of TapTrip, said: “The Trainline platform leads the market for a reason: their technology and UX is simply some of the best in the business. It’s been really exciting to see how the integration of their systems can help us refine and optimise our rail inventory, improving efficiency for users at a time when rail travel is fast becoming the number one choice for business travel.”

Champa Magesh, President, Trainline Partner Solutions, added: “It’s fantastic to work with TapTrip as we’re aligned in putting the customer at the heart of the booking experience. They streamline the process of booking travel wherever possible and together we’re making rail easier and seamless, encouraging more businesses to return to travel through a more environmentally sustainable transport mode.”

The move to further TapTrip’s rail inventory comes after a year of substantial growth for the business.

In the last 12 months, the company has secured significant new funding to aid expansion, branching out into several new vertical sectors and nearly doubling its workforce.