July 15, 2024

TAG launches specialist division

Travel and event management company, TAG, has launched a new travel division dedicated to the investment management sector.  

Sitting alongside Corporate, Touring, Events, Private Travel and Production the newly established Investment Management division will deliver a bespoke service to this complex and fast-paced sector.

Director of Business Development and Strategy, Daniel Price, said: “We have been working with investment management firms for over 30 years, so we understand their ways of working and what is important to these clients.

“We realised that their needs differ from our corporate travellers, so taking the expert knowledge we have built up over three decades and creating a specialist division is a huge benefit to both existing and prospective clients.” 

The new division will manage all travel requirements for this sector, including niche areas such as financial roadshows. 

Steve Barrass, CEO, said: “It’s great to see this expansion after such a difficult time for the industry. As business travel begins to increase, the need for specialist partners who truly understand the challenges and complexities of their clients’ businesses will grow.”