April 24, 2024

Survey: One in 10 business leaders will take fewer trips

Almost one in 10 UK business leaders who travelled for work pre-Covid plan to take fewer business trips in the future, according to research conducted by The University of Law Business School.

The survey of 500 UK business leaders found that on average they are planning to take one less business trip a year once all international travel restrictions are lifted.

Almost half (44%) of the respondents who stated they won’t continue flying for business in the future said it was due to the convenience of virtual meetings. 
Almost a third (30%) said the cost of air travel is prohibitive. 

Marco Mongiello, the university’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, said: “This could be a real driver of change for the business travel industry. Businesses which once spent thousands of pounds per year on international travel could cut that spend to zero, instead investing in virtual conferencing and meeting facilities, which have naturally boomed in popularity over the past year.”