December 9, 2023

Star Alliance launches service for smoother Heathrow connections

Airline association Star Alliance has launched a new service at London Heathrow airport to assist passengers with tight connecting flights.

Now available to customers transferring between Star Alliance member airline flights, dedicated staff will use special software to monitor the transit window for passengers with onward flights.

Passengers and checked bags in danger of missing a connection are automatically flagged up so a Connection Service agent can facilitate speedier transit, often offering a personal escort between arrival and departure gates.

For some customers, the Connection Service staff will instead book alternative travel options, before the inbound flight lands.

“This year, we are marking five years of serving our customers at Heathrow’s state-of-the-art Terminal 2. We understand just how important it is for our customers to make their connection on time,” said Star Alliance’s Chair of the Country Steering Council, Julie Murphy.

“By introducing the Connection Service to London Heathrow, we aim to further improve our customers’ journeys, allowing them to connect from one Star Alliance airline to another, knowing their transfer is being taken care of,” she added.

London Heathrow is the 12th biggest Star Alliance transfer hub worldwide, with more than 430,000 interline transfer passengers connecting from one Star Alliance carrier to another each year.

It’s the seventh airport to roll out the service, which is also available at: Chicago, Frankfurt, Houston, Munich, Newark, and Toronto. At present, baggage-only expedite is offered at Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington airports.