May 26, 2024

Spotnana builds integration with International SOS

Spotnana has integrated its Travel-as-a-Service platform with International SOS, the medical and security services company.

The integration supports both NDC and EDIFACT bookings, exchanges and cancellations so that companies know their travellers’ most up-to-date locations and can reach them International SOS at all times.

“Keeping travellers safe while they’re on the road is critically important, and this requires knowing their location with accuracy at all times,” said Johnny Thorsen, VP of Partnerships at Spotnana.

“Companies shouldn’t be limited in locating their travellers by booking source. Our next-generation, modern infrastructure ensures that companies can reliably track their travellers at all times no matter the content source and regardless of whether changes and cancellations are made before or during the trip by the traveller or the TMC agent.”

Jarrett Michau, CEO, Americas Assistance at International SOS, added: “Spotnana is the first company to provide us with NDC bookings that reflect the original booking, plus changes and cancellations in a comprehensive data feed and ensures International SOS clients have timely and accurate data to support traveller locations across both EDIFACT and NDC bookings.”