May 20, 2024

Spotnana announces ‘deep direct integration’ with Southwest Airlines

Spotnana has partnered with Southwest Airlines to provide full content access through a “deep direct integration” from booking through to end-to-end servicing.

The integration includes access to EarlyBird Check-In, promotional fares, advanced capabilities for self-service exchanges, including same-day changes and unused ticket management.

Spotnana’s direct connection to the Southwest Partner Services API offers access to the same content and prices that are available on the airline’s website and via SWABIZ, Southwest’s online business travel booking tool. This includes access to promotional fares that are not available through a GDS.

“Spotnana has built one of the deepest integrations to Southwest and is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that offers full access to Southwest’s content,” said Bill Brindle, VP of Content and Travel Operations at Spotnana.

“We are rapidly expanding our portfolio of direct integrations to the world’s top airlines in order to provide our customers and channel partners with the best content, prices, and travel experiences.”

Spotnana Founder & CEO, Sarosh Waghmar,  added: “Southwest’s current API does not use NDC and yet all of the innovations we’ve developed around self-service exchanges and cancellations, unused ticket management, deferred ticketing, end-to-end servicing, integrated real-time analytics, and more all work seamlessly.

“This is because we designed Spotnana from day one to work with any content source, and we use microservices instead of scripting tools to power automation.”