October 2, 2023

Sherbet London Taxis trebles fleet

Ahead of London's Ultra Low Emissions Zone legislation coming into effect, Sherbet London Taxis is trebling its all-electric taxi fleet.

“Our evolution is about the future: the future of the industry, our children’s future and the environment,” says Asher Moses, Sherbet London Taxis’ CEO.

“We are establishing a community that truly supports safety, privacy, technology and accessibility, where customer service and excellence is key.

“Plus, we are working from the bottom up, putting the cabbies first and, in line with the Mayor’s vision, have started the renaissance of the taxi trade,” adds Moses.

The taxi service offers passengers amenities such as 4G wifi, air conditioning and phone changing points as well as its new Ride App which allows passengers to book an electric luxury taxi using the app and see where the closest one is using their personal or corporate accounts.

The operator offers branding opportunities across its fleet enabling airlines, hotels or conference organisers to meet and greet individuals in their own sponsors’ livery.

The taxi fleet fully complies with the Ultra Low Emissions Zone coming into effect on April 8, and provides responsible journeys for business travellers.