May 18, 2024

Risk specialists merge

GSA Global, a specialist risk and security consultancy, has launched.

The new company is a merger of Global Secure Accreditation, GSA Security & Risk (formerly BGS Ltd), GSA Cyber Secure, GSA Resourcing and newly-acquired MHG Corporate Risks.

The organisation will offer clients four key security and risk services: investigations and crisis management, insider risk management, cyber security consultancy and protection services. 

The announcement of the merger noted the growth in business and technology outsourcing, the adoption and integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the rise of mobile working, which are blurring the boundaries of corporate and ecosystem security, plus cyber and physical security.

It also referred to the accelerating adoption of technologies such as AI which is introducing new, more complex security risks.

“We know that the nature of security threats is constantly changing, and our business needs to respond accordingly,” said David Wood, CEO GSA Global. 

“The new group structure and specialisms will ensure that we deliver this expertise to our clients in the most effective way as well as giving us the flexibility to offer innovative solutions to new and complex security challenges as they arise.”