June 15, 2024

Reed & Mackay report champions accessibility

Reed & Mackay has published a thought leadership report on the travel needs of people with hidden and visible disabilities.

Called Supporting Business Travellers with Visible & Hidden Disabilities, the paper explores the extent to which the business travel industry is catering to the needs of those with disabilities. It will be the first instalment in a series focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).

Reed & Mackay hopes to “spark a robust dialogue” by exploring the unique challenges faced by business travellers with disabilities.

The research outlines the role that TMCs can play in delivering duty of care to all travellers, emphasising the importance of fostering an environment that caters to the needs of diverse communities. 

Opportunities for improvement in meetings and events are also highlighted, as well as existing initiatives and innovative approaches that aim to enhance the consumer experience of delegates with disabilities. 

In 2024, Reed & Mackay will host a roundtable with representatives from across the business travel sector. The document’s findings will be discussed, with the aim of further accelerating the conversation.

Fred Stratford, CEO of Reed & Mackay, said: “I’m very proud of the work our team has conducted in order to deliver this DEI thought leadership article. This is a complex issue that requires industry-wide collaboration. Our intention when we started this research was to start a meaningful conversation and to shed light on the individual experiences of travellers.  

“The report’s findings show that there categorically needs to be an industry taskforce, traveller representation and government collaboration to make a truly seismic shift; a combination of legislation, lobbying and creating travel policies that deliver for this demographic of travellers. At Reed & Mackay, we’re committed to being an active advocate, and a voice for change.”