May 26, 2024

Profile and value of buyers rises in pandemic

A survey of 100 corporate travel buyers, managers and heads of travel found 58% said the pandemic has impacted favourably on their profile and value within their business.

In the poll by ITM, only 5% of buyers said their profile and value had been affected less favourably

Almost all buyers said they have taken on additional responsibilities during the pandemic, including corporate cards, traveller guidance and safety, risk management, and engaging with senior executives for the return to travel

Over one third said they are actively involved in their company’s rationale about the value and ROI of an in-person meeting.

“The role and responsibilities of travel managers within their organisations will continue to morph and evolve in response to the fundamental way that travel and meetings have changed,” said Scott Davies, CEO ITM.  

“Throughout the pandemic, buyers embraced new skillsets and frames of reference constantly and this trend is set to continue.

“The extraordinary expertise and stakeholder engagement that buyers demonstrate routinely will become even more priceless in the new era of travel.”

He said as business travel resumes, travel will require more attention and touch than ever before owing to complexities arising from Brexit, PSD2 and Covid-related measures and other factors.

“Travel managers will play a key part in consulting with senior management and educating relevant stakeholders, not just on these complexities, but also the narrative around sustainability and meeting net-zero carbon targets,” said Davies.

The survey took place over a two-week period at the end of November 2021.