May 18, 2024

Professionals struggling with rise in demand for meetings

More than half of UK-based office workers are struggling with the rise in demand for face-to-face meetings, according to research by Blacklane.

The study, which comprised 2,000 professionals, revealed that 35% believe work-related travel has steadily increased over the last two years. More than half have travelled up to 50 times for business in the last 12 months.

Despite the rise in face-to-face meetings and business travel, virtual meetings persist with 53% citing an increase in remote meetings. 

Nearly half of respondents feel an increased pressure to be constantly available, especially on the way to work and during business trips. This result jumps to 50% for Generation Z and 31% for baby boomers.

It was also found that 70% of office-based professionals send emails outside of work, with 31% exchanging emails while commuting or travelling.

Dr Jens Wohltorf, CEO and Founder at Blacklane, said: “Across the board, we’re seeing a huge increase in the demand for business travel as we experienced a growth rate of 50% in the past year and our revenue quadrupled in 2022 compared to the previous year.

“People spend more time out and about meeting clients, colleagues, associates and so on, and in turn this means more time spent away from the desk, impacting efficiency and ultimately meaning more work is trying to be squeezed into the same day. Whilst business travel and in-person meetings are on the rise, Blacklane is prioritising upgrading our services to ensure that our limousines can act as an on-the-go office to keep up with this demand.”