May 26, 2024

PredictX creates AI Agent to help ‘understaffed’ travel teams

PredictX has introduced, an AI-driven tool designed to support “understaffed and overburdened” travel and expense professionals.

Following a beta phase with a select group of professionals, it is now being rolled out to a wider audience.

PredictX said thanks to a “user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, pre-made skills and robust security controls”, enables non-technical professionals to quickly create AI agents to meet their unique needs.

The test group noted notable improvements in task efficiency and decision-making speed, allowing them to automate monotonous tasks, enhance policies and interpret data.

Keesup Choe, CEO of PredictX, said: “We’ve crafted a tool that’s intuitive right from the start. Professionals will find the experience familiar, like using any other everyday office software, but with the profound capability to customise and refine AI agents to their specific operational needs.

“This isn’t about ‘using AI’ in the abstract—it’s about applying a practical, no-nonsense technology that works seamlessly out of the box and evolves in sophistication with use.

“We recognise that travel management teams often find themselves in a perpetual cycle of being understaffed and overburdened, routinely mired in day-to-day tasks and crisis management, with scarce opportunity for strategic or transformative work. is a solution to this predicament.”

He told user to see as a recruitment tool, enabling T&E managers to ‘create’ and ’employ’ an array of virtual AI colleagues, with specialised skills to handle the routine yet crucial tasks.

“This innovation is about providing the much-needed respite for these teams, liberating them from the grind of daily operations to engage in the valuable work of innovation and strategy,” he said.