July 16, 2024

Paul Tilstone takes advisor role at tech startup

Paul Tilstone, founder of travel management supplier consultancy temoji and former CEO and co-founder of Festive Road, has become an advisor to Berlin-based tagtu.

He will help the technology startup on its mission to amplify business trip purpose by “providing guidance on the industry, product and Go-to-Market” over the next two years.

Founded by Michael Friedrich and Maxim Kahlert in 2021, tagtu’s technology merges trip planning with business data to enhance the purpose and value of each trip, with a keen focus on sustainability and productivity.

It made it into The Business Travel Magazine‘s Tech Hotlist in 2023.

”I met Michael in Berlin in 2022 at GBTA as we emerged from the pandemic,” said Tilstone.

“We’ve stayed in contact ever since and I’ve been so impressed with the company’s dedication to their mission. If every company used tagtu’s technology to amplify the purpose of each trip, our sector would bring more value to the corporations our industry serves for every gram of carbon and Euro spent.

“Supporting them fits with my goal to better define the value of business travel ahead of the pressures we will see in the next few years, especially in Europe.”

Friedrich said: Paul was such a natural fit to our work and culture. We have the same objective: to measure and amplify the value of business travel.

“We’re at a really exciting stage, with confidential conversations with a number of potential enterprise customers. Paul’s knowledge and network will be invaluable to us at this stage.”

Tilstone was also previously CEO of the Institute of Travel Management (ITM) in the UK and SVP Global Development at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).


Entries are now open for the 2024 Tech Hotlist. The deadline is June 28.