May 18, 2024

Paul Tilstone confirms temoji team

Paul Tilstone has confirmed which former members of Festive Road are joining him with his new venture, temoji.

Ian Jones, Alex Kington and Aurelie Krau, all former ‘roaders’, will become consultants for the new consulting and marketing specialist dedicated solely to the supplier community.

Tilstone’s wife Jackie will head up operations and finance. She began her career in travel management, working for AA Travel, Portman Travel (now Clarity) and Statesman (now CTM) before moving into swim coaching.

Tilstone, who set up temoji earlier this year after separating from Festive Road, is also planning to recruit up to two more consultants in the US and one in the Southern Hemisphere.

The company’s new website, soon to be launched, will describe temoji as a “crack team of industry specialists”.

“We’re not like most companies. We’re an exotic island in the corporate world, a paradise destination for some of our industry’s best talent. We’re a fully remote business, working together regardless of time zone, geography or situation,” it says.

“Our people are independent, resilient, collaborative, mobile and resourceful, just like islanders need to be. And best of all, they are their own boss. We’re a collaborative, without hierarchy or long lists of rules to follow.”

The consultancy’s offering includes customer advisory boards and focus groups, marketing and content strategy, event content and moderation, executive team facilitation, product design and thought leadership.