July 15, 2024

New cab-hailing platform to rival Uber

Cabs.com has launched a taxi-hailing platform that it claims will rival Uber.

The new tool integrates more than 150,000 vehicles from 8,000 independent UK cab firms with “far better geographical coverage” than Uber.

An app for Android and IOS-powered smartphones enables users to book and pay for cabs in two clicks, see the details of the allocated driver and car, and track the cab on a live map.

Taxis can be hailed for immediate trips or booked for future journeys.

Meanwhile, cabs.com will offer taxi companies sophisticated new technology to manage their fleets and a driver app.

“This is a huge opportunity to bring together all the independent cab companies and their drivers into one advanced digital hailing service, with great benefits to passengers across the UK in terms of convenience, availability, service and cost,” says William Berry, CEO and founder of cabs.com.

“As we grow in the UK we intend to extend the proposition to the US and other English-speaking countries.”