July 15, 2024

New booking tool for Salesforce users

A new travel booking, ticketing and expense platform was launched at BTS yesterday.

(BTS stand no. B382)

The new SalesTrip tool, which is available to users of the Salesforce platform, will “change the way organisations manage, govern, and justify corporate travel and expenses,” according to its founders.

SalesTrip will enable users to derive ROI from travel and expense costs, says the company, providing “true budgeting visibility and cost justification which has not existed to date”.

Manoj Ganapathy, Founder & CEO, says: “With travel and expense costs typically reaching 10% of all operational spend, companies should be managing them as a mechanism to drive business growth, not as an uncontrollable cost or hindrance to business activity.”

He continues: “As a finance person, you can not only look at the total cost of the trip, but also the total cost of the sales opportunity.

“For example, every single cost associated with meeting a prospect or a customer can roll up against the revenue you’re generating from that customer.”

The company has launched with a product team in Seattle and an engineering team at its HQ in London.