July 16, 2024

Navan: NDC increasingly preferred over legacy content

NDC accounted for just under a third of all flights booked in Europe on the Navan travel platform in May 2024, increasing from a 20% share in May 2023.

Navan, which has NDC connections with 12 airlines in Europe, said the largest proportion of flights booked via NDC was in Germany, reaching 45% of flights compared to 37% in May last year.

This was driven in great part by bookings from Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, KLM, and Swiss flights.

France and the Netherlands are joint second in NDC utilisation in major European markets, with 31% of airline bookings made with Navan in each country being made via NDC.

This is significantly up from May 2023, when 7% and 10% of flights were booked via NDC with Navan the two countries respectively.

In third place was the UK, with 29% of flight bookings made with Navan coming from NDC. This was up from 21% in May last year and was largely driven by British Airways NDC bookings.

Navan rolled out its refreshed NDC connection with BA in the first half of 2023 in the UK before scaling throughout the year to other key markets.

“Our analysis of flight bookings made in Europe in the last year shows clearly that when NDC is deployed, it is increasingly preferred over legacy content,” says Michael Riegel, CEO, EMEA, Navan.

“Many airlines in the region are early adopters of NDC and now provide differentiated content. They are seeing this utilisation with Navan, proving that NDC not only can work, but is already working, for business travellers.”

According to an analysis of Navan flight bookings from 2023, NDC represents a potential savings opportunity of up to 12%, depending on the airline, due to a combination of avoided GDS surcharges and price gaps with EDIFACT channels.